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Phone:  801-243-8165

Adventurer, weekend warrior, PA student and photographer.  


Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Shonti is a city girl with a heart perpetually stuck in the mountains. She attended Westminster College and received a BFA in Photography with minors in Chemistry and Music. She is currently perusing a Physician Assistant Masters degree at the University of Utah. But, weekends are spent exploring the rivers, lakes, mountains, and desert surrounding Sal Lake City. Shonti has enjoyed all types of mediums as well as other artistic expressions including music as a string bass player and modern dance. However, photography has ultimately given her a way to share with others what she truly sees in the world. Her vision focuses on the small things that others tend to pass right by without giving them a second glance.  Her viewfinder is aimed mostly at the macro world that unsuspectingly surrounds us all.  Her photos tie in her background in the sciences and research in microbiology, exhibiting a unique perspective most would simply pass over. Shonti truly enjoys exploring how interconnected science and art are and how neither of them can exist without the other.  

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